Doughwallet sunset

Fellow shibes!

The new doughwallet version 0.5.9 in the App Store has one significant change:

It disables the receiving functionality.

This way existing users of doughwallet can send their coins from doughwallet to a different wallet while new users are not tempted to send any coins to doughwallet.

The rest of the app will continue to function, so that your funds are still safe.

As of December there is also the doughwallet recovery tool that will allow you to recover your coins even if you do not have doughwallet installed or your network is slow so that doughwallet does not sync.

Doughwallet will remain in the App Store for existing users for as long as possible.


Doughwallet was the first iOS wallet for dogecoin in December 2014. Back then, I built it during my two-week-vacation around that date, mainly as a gift to the dogecoin community and to learn more about the inner workings of blockchain technology.

Ever since my main focus as a freelance software developer has shifted away from cryptocurrencies and I was not able to keep up with further developing doughwallet in the way that it needed. Especially as syncing times with the doughwallet network grew, it is no longer practical to use. I totally underestimated the amount of support emails, especially around the time when dogecoin was surging in December 2017.

To the moon!

Thanks to the community and the developers for the past 3 years, it was lots of fun.


Berlin, 23rd of March 2018